Hartford County Criminal Lawyer

Liberty, a good reputation and a clean record are vital and invaluable rights of every individual. When you are accused of having committed a crime, all three of these fundamental rights are under attack and at risk of permanent damage. Without question, when you are so accused, you need a knowledgeable, credible and experienced attorney to represent your interests throughout the process. Potok Law has the experience and reputation necessary to handle a variety of criminal matters, including:

Potok Law is known for its aggressive representation of individuals whose liberty and reputation are under attack. It is not uncommon that the police investigate and lodge charges without the proper basis. At Potok Law, we see to it that if the State does not have grounds and/or sufficient evidence to pursue charges, that your liberty and reputation remain intact and unharmed. We also understand that this is a difficult and stressful time, and we make accessibility to our clients a priority throughout the process. Attorney Benjamin K. Potok has worked very hard to establish a reputation as a compassionate representative who aggressively defends the rights of the accused.